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Does WordPress Blog Free: How much does it cost for beginners to start?


While they plan on starting a blog they have always been told about WordPress and Blogger’s two best blogging platforms, the first question they are asking about Blogger is WordPress free blogging?

We all know that your question about asking for this is important since we all know the Blogger that is owned by Google and allows free hosting and content management, and very few know about the background of WordPress and how it functions?

In the beginning, WordPress is free to answer your query? The reply is yes, then. WordPress is free to use, edit, modify, customize or resell to other people but has some extra costs to use WordPress.

You are now surprised that WordPress is one of the well-known instruments in the content management industry, so why the company does not make money behind its development.

It is because WordPress is an Open Source software, which is licensed under the GNU General Public Licenses (GPL), with thousands or millions of developers helping to make this software very powerful.

Some Points about how WordPress is free to let us discuss it.


If so, is WordPress Free, what meaning?

In the original summary, we discussed already how WordPress is not owned by a company but by thousands of developers.WordPress belongs to a non-profit organization known as the WordPress Foundation. The WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg established this organization. The key which focused on free access to WordPress source code to the community and which is responsible for protecting the key brand name of WordPress, WordPress camp, WordPress logo. These all above are registered trademark which is owned by WordPress and instruction for not using commercial purpose and respect WordPress community.

Their aims are to restrict commercial activities around WordPress use and to strictly depict, do not use WordPress or WordCamp for your domain name or domain name.  Now you got the idea how WordPress is designed apart from this u know about how WordPress is controlling the future development but we discuss how WordPress is free to use?

In What manner WordPress is Free to Use

WordPress is open-source software that can be downloaded for everybody, you can modify it and adapt it to your individual requirements.

There’s no restriction to it since under the GNU GPL this license is in use with all open-source software, also known as the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The reference of free WordPress here means freedom of use not as monitored as you like. Let me explain what you can do with the WordPress source code and how you can use it free of charge.

  • Without restrictions, you can install and use it as long as you want.
    You can distribute the same WordPress copy for community support to another blogger.
  • You can personalize the source code and transmit it under the GPL License to another blogger.
  • By sharing the new patch, fixes or implementation, you can contribute to the WordPress community and can become the main contributor.

Well, you have an idea from all of the above how WordPress can be used freely in all aspects, but make sure the new version is automatically launched under the GPL license while you make any changes with existing Word Press source code and create new ones.

WordPress is Really Free To Sell

We already discussed how WordPress is free to use but what if anyone wants to create a market around it by selling the customized or edited version of WordPress. Then as I said earlier everything you are extending on top of the WordPress source code will be launched under the GPL license only.

The WordPress source code can be customized, bundled and redistributed as you like but under GPL only.

This means that you have the full ownership of the code which you have sold to the person you have sold your custom version of the software, which can be changed further and sold under a GPL license.

Plugins and themes created under the WordPress GPL License where everyone is free to download and use, allowing for customization and redistribution.

That means, even if you are purchasing or downloading a free or premium plugin or theme, the changes are possible and you can sell the new plugin or theme under the license of the GPL to other devices such as WordPress.

Yet the view on the topic is controversial, but it found defined details below from the official message from

PHP must be under GPL for a WordPress theme. Perhaps under GPL licenses, Artwork and CSS are not required. This shows that whatever new changes you make under the existing GPL license theme, all images, CSS and JavaScript may be excluded from GPL in the newly developed theme, but HTML and PHP are part of WordPress and therefore are subject to GPL.

Why do we discussed previously that you could have some extra money to live your WordPress site if you are with me till that moment? Let me reply as WordPress’s adverse.

Some Attention Points related WordPress Use

Up to this point, we have learned how to use WordPress freely and don’t need additional money to invest but the reality is that WordPress is only a content management system that can only live on the internet.
Therefore it took resources to make your website complete and live on the internet, in addition to the WordPress software suite.

Hosting for WordPress

WordPress needs first to be installed in one of the hosting facilities where all content is stored live on the internet.

Default, every hosting which you buy is equipped with a default WordPress installation and a common hosting average cost about $3-5 per month and in India somewhere Rs 50 -Rs60. Now we discuss what is Domain Name and

Name of Domain

In order for you to reside your location on the Internet, there are countless domain providers outside of the Internet who need a domain name to be an email for your blog that anyone can navigate and visit it.

Hosting and the domain name is the most important necessity to live on any WordPress page and are bound to cost $6-7/month on average. However, it is also mandatory to purchase certain premium facilities such as: if you need an advance function.

Now We discuss Premium Plugin and Themes

WordPress has an array of thousands of plugins and continues to add day by day to automate most of your work, the popular SEO plugin called Yoast SEO but I am All in One SEO which is also good.

Nearly every plugin in your free plan offers the best value, but if you are looking for a plugin’s premium support or auto-update, you can definitely buy it from your monthly subscription plan.

If you have a minimum of 6-7 dollars, it’s great enough to have a live WordPress page, but you’re also going to claim, why to spend $6/Month when you’ve got a free platform like Blogger.

You’ve learned about and and can both be regarded the same, but both are distinct in fact, but how, let me be short?

Some Key Difference between and

What we have been talking about so far has been all about, not, where is just a suite of software that can not reside without hosting or domain.

However, the same co-founder of Matt Mullenweg creates Where you don’t need to purchase the hosting and you’ll have access to a platform like WordPress up to a certain restriction.

Positive Points about

1. It provides free unlimited hosting, so you don’t have to waste 4-7 dollars a month.

2. It will offer you an extender( free subdomain.

3. The WordPress library offers a restricted range of free topics.

4. The accessible restricted plugins can also be installed from the free library.

Negative Points About

1. You need to upgrade your monthly schedule if you are prepared to move to a customized domain.

2. If you want to alter the topic or add a specific item, the monthly schedule should be upgraded.

3. If you plan for adding or using any further WordPress 

library plugin, you must upgrade to monthly schedule.

4. You can not use ads for monetizing on your website for free, but you can enter your advertising program called WordAds after upgrading to its monthly subscription.

That implies you can likely go with if you want to post only material and do not want to monetize your page, or you want to use the free WordPress function.

Their monthly subscription starts from 5$/month to 40$ per month you can cross-check from the official website.

This mean is that is for completely open-source purpose.

Positive Points about

1.No monthly subscription is free to use, 

so there is no need to pay.

2. With the use of further plugins, there is no limit.

3. The use of custom or extra subjects does not restrict. And so on.

4. With ad networks like Adsense, you can

monetize your website and get cash.

Negative Points of

1. The hosting and domain need to be paid for.

2. The safety and maintenance of the system is your responsibility.

My greatest effort was to show all the significant

distinctions between and,

so you could see why is always chosen if you really wanted to do a WordPress company or a blogging profession.

Is the Content under GPL on WordPress

Until now, we have discussed whether or not everything for WordPress would be GPL so there could be a possibility you’re thinking.

According to the guidelines, you have registered your marks with the WordPress name and your source code is licensed under GPL.

How WordPress Community Earn Money

  • There is company everywhere, so open-source software with WordPress will need various technical assistance for the customer as well.
  • Hosting website like Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, NameCheap, etc. receive millions of dollars each year to host the Web Site of WordPress.
  • Thousands of plugins have been developed where the proprietor offers premium assistance and self-update features as well as income of millions of dollars such as the popular Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Thousands of premium products sold for 50-300$/year, like OceanWP, Hestia, Astra, etc. in the industry.

When their WordPress VIP first was introduced, they had $300 million in 7 rounds for complete WordPress access to their WordPress subscription scheme.

Even as a GPL consumer of WordPress, you can use sophisticated functionality and package to extend the WordPress software, and then you can sell it to other customers.

I hope you like the above article my advise to use this one is the best for beginner

WordPress is completely free of charge so why not take the benefit of using the AdSense ad network or other passive methods of making cash to begin your tour with blogging.I hope you like my above article




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