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Affiliate Marketing Business Model in Brief

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Affiliate marketing is one of the basic business models that has some experience with almost everyone who has made money online. It can be incredibly lucrative, but as every business model does, this has its own collection of strengths and drawbacks.


At its basic level, affiliate marketing is simply where you sign up for selling their products or services with a company or network (a network is just a company that houses a lot of offers from different companies). Typically, you are paid whenever someone buys something or performs the desired action.

Every time you succeed, you are paid a commission and this money comes more or less from the company’s marketing budget that offers the affiliate program.


After you make the sale as well-known as rebills, some affiliate programs will pay you long. These products can be harder to sell, but the value they offer with their monthly paychecks can be worth it with the right angle.

There are far too many affiliate networks out there to list them all, many people use some common ones:

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

It’s often hard to see what affiliate websites look like, so I’ve gathered a few here to inspire you when you’re designing or redesigning your own affiliate website.

Expert of Money Savings

MSE is a great example of a site of an association that has become a place of authority. It does not offer thin content and barely concealed “reviews” that attempt to sell something. Instead, in the often filthy personal finance field, they provide sound advice and maintain a strong code of ethics. They make their affiliate fees by connecting to affiliate items with which they have agreements in their posts and pages.

Dating Advice is another partner site that makes money by providing links to various dating apps and websites (such as Match and eHarmony) through its affiliate. The dating niche for web advertisers of all colors is an incredibly profitable niche. They often attract people who want to sell gimmicky info products or shady memberships, unfortunately, to make a quick buck.

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This website takes a different approach to this and offers good advice while keeping alive its ethics by promoting quality offers that are not out to scam those who buy.

The design is also a great design, one you may be inspired to create your own affiliate page.

The Pros of an Affiliate Marketing Model

The affiliate marketing system has many benefits. For one, if you go with your website on the SEO road, it’s a fairly passive template. Unlike Amazon affiliates, there’s a little bit more to do about link management that we’re going to get into below.


With just one website and some content, affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative. This is different from the model of the Amazon affiliate, which often takes several sites with its sliding tier of commissions to create a great income. There is also an incredible variety of products for promoting and selling.

While each affiliate program is different, a ban hammer in the affiliate space is less likely to hit you than in the Adsense room.  In general, partner networks and their terms of service can be a little more indulgent. You also have the benefit that many networks host the same offers, so you can usually replace that income with the new network offer if you’re banned.

Or you can do and go directly to the company as many affiliates do.


The vast majority of affiliate offers come not from partner networks, but directly from the company.


Besides all this, you really don’t have a store to look after. You have to ship or be held responsible for zero goods. You are literally just the marketing arm, unlike the business model of ecommerce, where you buy the products you sell and deal with the business ‘ customer service portions along with logistics.

You need to do any kind of customer service with affiliate marketing next to zero. The agency that first produced the deal takes care of that.


Unlike a business model of an Amazon affiliate, affiliate advertising appears to be more profitable in terms of the profit margins you will receive per transaction. This makes paid advertising easy to profit, so growing your website can be a valid choice. About 100 percent of affiliate marketers rely on paying traffic. They create a landing page, a sales letter and go off with Facebook ads or campaigns for Google Adword

While you shouldn’t invest in paid traffic without first knowing a bit about it, having this opportunity can really boost your sales fast and almost overnight, as opposed to waiting around for rankings like you do with SEO.


Finally, one of the major advantages of affiliate marketing is that even if you don’t sell a single product, you can get paid a fee.

This is usually referred to as offers for cost-per-action or CPA. CPA deals typically require some kind of action from the client, and if that visitor takes the action, the affiliate network will pay you. Often this activity will send an email to become a company email lead, or fill out a full form, whether it’s a lead form or a form to collect data from a survey. Although CPAs cost less than deals that pay you per transaction, they frequently sell at a much higher rate, as there is no cash for the conversion to be complete that the client will put down. A higher conversion can often make up more than the individually gained lower profits.

The  Cons of  an Affiliate Marketing Model

Valid affiliate advertising can be legal, extremely helpful to the end consumer, and an overall good thing for both the company that created the deal and the affiliate (and, of course, the customer) that promotes it. Even so, the business model you should learn about has drawbacks.


In fact, marketing affiliates often have a reputation in nature to be sleazy, cheesy, or scammy. It affects the industry, primarily due to the low entry barrier. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer, you just have to sign up and start promoting an offer.

It attracts a lot of unpleasant characters to the area, as you might expect.


Affiliate marketing can also be incredibly competitive due to this low barrier. After all, using the exact same sales letter and checkout process, you’re all selling the exact same product or service. If you don’t find a way to differentiate yourself, you’re unlikely to succeed.


First thing to pay attention to, the affiliate offers themselves once you decide to go ahead with “good” affiliate marketing. Offers from the affiliate can come and go. I mentioned above, because of this, there is more association management involving affiliate marketing versus Amazon affiliate sites.

Furthermore, while an offer may not vanish, you can earn far less than you ought to be, because it suddenly has a maximum cap. In other terms, the organization setting up the offer will only pay a certain amount to get a certain number of customers or leads. In this situation, the network limits the number of paid leads/sales to the affiliate marketer. In this case, you may end up giving away free leads or accidental sales, so watch out for it.


Finally, you’re not manipulating the whole system.

At the end of the day, that means less capacity for growth. You can’t just go in and adjust a checkout process to break test, for example, which one will do better. Only the front or what is also known as the “top of” marketing funnel is really controlled. This makes your options more limited than if you were running a full-blown business where you were buying the product yourself and checking out the logistics processes.

What Buyers Need To know

You will learn a few things in advance before you buy an affiliate page.


Next, find out all the partner networks on the website that are being used and find out which other networks have the same deals so you can use them as backups. You may need to move if the current network offer goes down or you are capped. Ask yourself if the offers on this site are evergreen or a flash in the type of offer pan, if at all possible. If you’re purchasing a product, you’ll probably want to make sure that the deals will stick around long-term versus only a few months after you bought the website.

If the website is not a niche authority, ask yourself whether it is set up to be one. You should always bear this in mind, but with affiliate sites in particular. Because affiliate sites have such a low entry barrier, you are significantly putting yourself ahead of your competition by purchasing an authority site, which will enter the game without an authority site. This will help you to maintain market share and dominate the niche.

Before buying the site, ask the seller if their affiliate managers/networks have any special offers. If they do, you will want to make sure that when you take over the website, you will receive exactly the same special deals. These special deals could be as easy as allowing extra people to make a capped bid or as lucrative as offering a pay percentage increase.

What should Seller know

You now know the low entry barrier that affiliate marketing has, so the more your site becomes an authority, the more likely you are to sell your site for a much larger multiple.


Just think about how to make your company more defensible and harder to copy.


For each of your affiliate links, you should also have tracking enabled. You can do this with something like Volume that can track your sales and where they come from. This will be useful data for an analytical buyer who wants to split the website test, not to mention that it will allow you to split the site test and possibly push up your monthly net profit that will also increase the multiple price listing of your site.

If you have any special deal with your affiliate boss, make sure you can pass it on. When you can’t, you’ve got to take the portion out of the market and sell it as if you didn’t get those extra benefits. One of the best ways to transfer these kinds of special benefits is also to make sure that your affiliate manager also becomes the new buyer’s manager when they sign up for that network. Most affiliate managers operate from the sales their affiliates are doing on a commission-based basis, so they’ll probably be more than happy to do this as the website is already an established profit generator for them.

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Finally, email each network with which you are associated for this website to inform them that you are selling your website and that you want to ensure that the new owner is approved for the affiliate network. This is an important step to take, if not apparent. When the new purchaser is rejected by a network, it will create a lot of problems when it comes to taking full control of the site.

Which Buyer Profile best fits the business model of Affiliate Marketing?

Each business model is attracting a different set of people. The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that it can reach a lot of different people relative to other business models.


This is perhaps one of the most creative ways to make money online because there are just so many different partner services in almost every niche that can be considered.

Lifestyle Larry

If an affiliate site uses SEO as its primary method of attracting traffic, then affiliate sites may be very enticing to a Larry lifestyle. Apart from managing some links and making sure the offers are still valid, there is not much work to be done unless the new owner wants to grow the site. Nonetheless, if they’re content with living off the residual income, they’re not going to have to do a lot of day-to-day management.

Portfolio Paul

Getting a website that sells partner goods from outside Amazon programs will make a lot of sense for a Paul Portfolio. It’s just another diversification route and partner sites, like Amazon or Adsense, don’t take much time to run.

DIY Dave

A DIY Dave might love to buy and run affiliate sites. Since affiliate programs usually have higher margins than affiliate products from Amazon, a DIY Dave could seriously dive deep into paid traffic and create complete sales funnels around the affiliate program or the niche within which the site operates.

Strategic Sally

If they own a website or a company in a similar niche, then having a large affiliate site might be a great additional way to make more money while still dominating the main niche they concentrate on. Since affiliate sites don’t take much time to manage when not in growth mode, a Strategic Sally might purchase this platform and just use it to improve her personal brand or the company she is developing with ease at the moment.

Flipper Fred

There are many ways to grow an affiliate page, so it makes sense for a Flipper Fred to buy one of these websites and expand it using different growth techniques that we will list below.

Growth Strategies

There are many ways in which an affiliate site can grow to produce even more profit than it is now, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it should leave you with some good ideas on where to take your site and how to further scale it up

Ask for a Raise

Probably the simplest way to go is to hit your affiliate manager with a pay bump request if you have an affiliate site that is already making sales. Many affiliate marketers do this and then run incredibly successful paid campaigns, with their only real profit margin being this pay bump. Because they have to work with this extra bit of money, they are often given an advantage over other affiliates who have not earned a pay bump.

Find More Keywords

To find more keywords you can try with your website, use a software like Longtail Pro. The more content you have on your website, the faster it becomes an authority, and the more authoritative it is, the easier it will be for the search engines to pick up your content and start sending you more freely.

Create a Paid Ads Sales Funnel

Build a sales funnel around your affiliate products you are promoting for more expert internet marketers. This could be achieved through a seven-day bootcamp which you send to your email list, or perhaps a cheat sheet containing links to your affiliate. By creating a sales funnel and building an email list with paid advertisements, you can quickly seriously scale your business to the moon once you have a profitable campaign going on.

Find the Offers with the Best EPCs

EPC stands for per click earnings. It is the average amount of money that a marketer would expect to earn on their affiliate deal from a 100 clicks. This is a great piece of knowledge. With the best EPCs, you should be looking for affiliate offers. Look at other affiliate networks that do the same offers as your website does, in addition to finding new offers.


Is the EPC higher than the current network you use with that network? If so, checking to see which performs the best might be worthwhile.

Have you been inspired by this article about the affiliate marketing possibilities in your own business? If so, perhaps it’s time to go to our business.


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